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DuraSeries Synthetic Winch Line - Blue

$49.99 $109.99

*** Please note these lines no longer come with the "Tree Savers" as pictured. After testing they showed jamming issues with some spools so we no longer add them***

Technical details 

8700lb max breaking strength.
6500lb average breaking strength.
40 Foot length.
1/4" diameter.
Galvanized eye loop easy hook attachment.
Galvanized thimble for easy install.
Work with all ATV and SXS spool.

Why should you switch to synthetic winch line? Because it looks cool of course!  Oh, and for all of the following reasons:

- SAFER! Ever see a steel line snap? Extremely dangerous. This line will not store energy and simply drop to the ground if snapped instead of becoming a razor wire of death.

- NO STEEL SPLINTERS!  No need for gloves to keep those sharp, rusty splinters out of your hands.

- Light weight. These lights are much lighter than steel lines

- Will not rust. These lines will not rust overtime becoming an eye sore

- It float! Synthetic winch line will float which can come in handy when you get stuck in a river. 

- Will work with almost all winches. These will work with steel rollers however we suggest switching to hawse fairlead. Which we sell!

Buy with confidence! If you ever have your winchline snap we will replace it for half the current retail cost as long as line was used with a fairlead.