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DuraSeries Premium Hylux HID Kit (Select Size)

$120.00 $159.99

 The DuraSeries vehicle accessory line is always striving to be a leader in the automotive accessory world and specializing in LED lighting. From LED headlight kits, HID kits to LED light bars we have you covered. 

 DuraSeries Premium Hylux HID conversion kits use Hylux ballasts which are the industry leader in Hid ballasts, Paired up with DuraSeries HID bulbs to provide one of the highest quality HID kits on the market today.


    • Color: 6000K (3000-10,000K available aswell)
    • Output: 35 Watt
    • Lumen Output: 3500LM
    • Lifespan: 8000 Hours of constant use


                  Information on the Hylux Ballast:

A lot of ballasts on the market run digital signal processing (DSP). This allows for smooth and reliable power output, faster warm up, and an increased life . Hylux ballasts use a computer chip designed specifically for the purpose of running HID bulbs. This is known as an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). While this is much more expensive than a generic chip, it lets the Hylux ballast operate with extremely high efficiency and top notch performance, far exceeding that of any generic ballast on the market today.

The ballast is fully sealed in electrically-safe sealant, It's not just coated like cheaper ballasts, Hylux fills these to the brim, making the ballast completely waterproof & shockproof. The ballast will make a humming noise during operation- most assume this is bad, but in fact it is a result of microscopic air pockets resonating inside of the ballast, audible proof that the ballast is fully airtight.

With the 23kV igniter, which is also fully waterproof, this ballast will strike the bulb correctly, every time. Hylux will function the coldest of environments, with a rated min temperature of -40.

This ballast has a CANBUS module, which is designed to provide extra resistance to the vehicle. This is required for operation in many new model vehicles, as they may otherwise shut off power to your headlights or cause a flicker due to the shut down of power to the lights from the vehicle.

CANBUS module will also regulates power input, to prevent errors with PWM signals. What is PWM? Well, many new model vehicles use pulse-width-modulation (PWM) to drive headlight units, which will flick standard halogen bulbs on and off very quickly, to extend bulb life and lower its power consumption. It works for Halogen bulbs, but HIDs ( And LED)  require constant power to run. The CANBUS module smooths or "decodes" the input signal into a constant power supply to the ballast.