Chemical Guys Wheel Guard Max Coat - WAC_303

Chemical Guys Wheel Guard Max Coat - WAC_303

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Max Coat is an advanced wheel coating sealant that protects by repelling brake dust, dirt And road grime that cause corrosion and damage and enhances a high gloss shine.

Use: Protecting Against Dust/ Dirt/ Road Grime And Enhancing High Gloss Shine For Wheel
Type: Paste Carnauba
Unit Size: 8 Ounce
Unit Type: Container
Unit Quantity: Single


  • Max Coat Creates A Slippery Shield To Which Dirt, Brake Dust And Road Grime Have A Hard Time Sticking
  • New Coating Technology Reduces Brake Dust Contamination By Up To 75 Percent In Any Given Amount Of Time Compared To Unprotected Wheels, Or To Inferior Products
  • Max Coat Is Blended With Gloss Agents To Enhance Shine And A Bright Clean Look On Wheels And Rims
  • Keep Wheels Cleaner For Longer