Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Blaster R1 Foam Cannon - EQP_310

Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Blaster R1 Foam Cannon - EQP_310

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The TORQ Foam Blaster R1 attaches to any standard garden hose to shoot foaming suds during your car wash to prevent swirls and scratches without requiring a pressure washer. Pressure washers can be very expensive and loud. TORQ R1 gives you the power to blanket your car with a foamy layer of satiny suds with a regular household garden hose. The R1 is a cut above the rest with its durable construction and ease of use. The three interchangeable water pressure tips adjust the pressure settings to produce the ultimate amount of velvety, frothy suds each and every wash.

Used To: Removes Dirt/ Grime And Prevents Swirls/ Scratches


  • To Produce Mounds Of Suds That Help Minimize The Amount Of Friction, Rubbing, And Scrubbing A Vehicle's Surface Usually Is Exposed To During A Traditional Wash
  • Foam Loosens And Lubricates Paint, Lifting Dirt And Contamination Away From The Surface In The Mounds Of Soap And Away, Drastically Reducing The Risk Of Installing Swirls And Scratches
  • Durable Construction And Ease Of Use
  • The Three Interchangeable Water Pressure Tips Adjust The Pressure Settings To Produce The Ultimate Amount Of Velvety, Frothy Suds Each And Every Wash
  • Produce Thick Sudsy Foam With Your Garden Hose
  • Effortlessly Glide Your Wash Mitt Over Paintwork
  • Stop Water Flow When It's Not Needed
  • No Supplier Warranty