Chemical Guys SO FAST Odor Eliminator Green Apple - SPI21816

Chemical Guys SO FAST Odor Eliminator Green Apple - SPI21816

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Signature Series Glass Cleaner cuts through tough grime, grease, dirt, and filth to restore perfect streak-free clarity to glass inside and outside any automobile without using noxious chemicals. With a few sprays of Signature Series Glass Cleaner, dirt and debris simply disappear. The advanced glass cleaner decontaminates the area fast, and reduces static cling to help repel future dirt and dust. While generic window cleaners leave streaks and harm window tint, the advanced Signature Series formula restores streak-free clarity without staining or damaging tint films or clear plastics. The unique formula works on any glass surface, window tint film, computer screens, LCD
Chemical Guys Odor Eliminators use chemical enzymes to physically destroy odor-causing bacteria and germs. These enzymes literally kill odor at their source, stopping bad smells in their tracks.

Type: Liquid
Scent Type: Green Apple
Unit Size: 16 Ounce
Unit Type: Spray Bottle
Unit Quantity: Single


  • Odor Eliminators’ Long-Lasting Formula Use Active Enzymes That Neutralize Odor-Causing Germs And Bacteria, Leaving Behind Only The Pleasurable Scent Of Either Premium Leather Or Fresh Apples
  • Clean The Air Without Perfumes Or Chemical Fumes
  • Unleash Powerful Odor Eliminating Enzymes
  • Rapidly Subdue Undesirable Smells Right At Their Source
  • No Supplier Warranty