Chemical Guys Signature Series Wheel Cleaner - CLD_203_16

Chemical Guys Signature Series Wheel Cleaner - CLD_203_16

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Signature Series is a strong citrus-based wheel cleaner that is tough on brake dust and filth, but gentle and safe for all wheel finishes and materials. Brake dust contains corrosive iron and carbon deposits that can destroy wheels. Signature Series helps remove this contamination before it causes permanent corrosion and damage. Adding Signature Series to normal wheel cleanings reduces buildup and corrosion and protects a pristine showroom shine. Spray the cleaner directly onto alloy wheels, plastic wheel covers, brake parts, suspension parts, plastic fender liners, or undercarriage parts to break down caustic grime and filth. Clean rubber tire sidewalls to ensure tire shine dressings last longer and look better.

Recommended Use: All Wheels And Tires
Unit Size: 16 Ounce
Unit Type: Spray Bottle
Unit Quantity: Single


  • Blended With Natural Citrus Extracts For Powerful Cleaning Of Dirt, Grime, And Brake Dust
  • Helps Remove Contamination Before It Causes Permanent Corrosion And Damage
  • The Natural Citrus Formula Is Safe For Painted, Polished, Powder Coated, And Wrapped Wheels
  • Power Through Thick Grime And Contamination
  • Help Prevent Permanent Damage To Wheels And Brakes
  • Quickly Pull Off Dirt And Debris In Seconds
  • Spray Down Suspension And Brake Parts
  • Dilute For The Perfect Cleaning Muscle On Any Job