Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Car Wash - 1 Gallon  CWS_402

Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Car Wash - 1 Gallon CWS_402

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Mr. Pink is the perfect maintenance car wash shampoo that is tough on dirt, yet gentle on wax and sealant with slick lubricants that gently guide dirt and grime off the car for a scratch-free wash. Improper washing can cause scratches and swirls that make your paintwork appear dull and neglected. Mr. Pink is blended with super-slick polymers with hyper surfactants that lift, capture, and lubricate abrasive debris, allowing the surface to be gently wiped to minimize scratching and swirling. Choose Mr. Pink to help glide your wash mitt effortlessly over the surface for the perfect weekly wash.

Type: Liquid
Unit Size: 1 Gallon
Unit Type: Jug
Unit Quantity: Single
With Wax: No
Packaging Language: English


  • PH-Balanced And Gentle On All Exterior Automobile Parts Like Paint, Clear Coat, Polished Metals, Glass, And Even Vinyl, Rubber, And Plastic Trim
  • Rinses Clean After Every Car Wash, Leaving Behind No Residue For A Truly Clean Surface Every Time
  • Unique Formula To Minimize Swirling And Scratching
  • Wash With A Constant Stream Of Unending Foaming Bubbles
  • Gently Glide Dirt And Debris Off Paintwork
  • Protect Your Ride Against Swirls And Scratches
  • No Supplier Warrant