Chemical Guys Max Foam 8 Foam Cannon - EQP_310

Chemical Guys Max Foam 8 Foam Cannon - EQP_310

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The new and improved Max Foam 8 produces 30 percent thicker suds, features the thread lock seal system, and works with a wider range of pressure washer designs. The TORQ MaxFoam 8 Cannon sprays thick foam that sticks to and lubricates rough dirt particles and prevents swirls and scratches with every wipe. Thick snow foam helps remove dirt from even the smallest cracks and crevices and is the perfect way to reduce swirl marks and maintain a flawless finish at every car wash.

Used To: Remove Dirt And Prevents Swirls/ Scratches
Operating Pressure: 3500 Pounds Per Square Inch



  • Sprays Thick Foam That Sticks To And Lubricates Rough Dirt Particles And Prevents Swirls And Scratches With Every Wipe
  • Works With Any Gas Or Electric Pressure Washer 500 To 3,500 Pound Per Square Inch
  • Units Ship With A Standard ¼ Inch Quick-Connect Plug Quick Release That Directly Attaches Foam Cannon To Pressure Washer Wand
  • Solid Brass Components Resist Corrosion And Rusting That Ruins Cheap Imitation Parts And High-Quality Plastics Reject Harmful UV Rays That Cause Other Units To Crack And Break
  • Features The Patented TORQ Thread Lock System On The Threads, Which Saves Bottles From Early Wear And Tear
  • Chemical-Resistant Seals And O-Rings Stand Up To Chemical Guys Soaps And Ensure Leak-Free Operation
  • Spray Clinging Foam From Any Pressure Washer
  • Give Your Car The Gentlest Wash Possible
  • Shoot Cleansing Suds Into Cracks And Crevices
  • No Supplier Warranty