Chemical Guys Fire Hose Nozzle - ACC_2009

Chemical Guys Fire Hose Nozzle - ACC_2009

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The Ultimate Fire Hose is a fully adjustable fire hose nozzle that attaches to your standard garden hose to spray a range of water patterns from strong stream of water to a gentle fan.

Type: Fire Hose
Spray Type: Adjustable
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum
With On/ Off Control: No


  • The Solid Frame Is Constructed From Aircraft-Grade Aluminum With A Corrosion-Resistant Anodized Coating That Lasts For Years Of Use Without Rusting
  • Perfect Control In Any Detailing Situation: Internal Precision Drilled Design To Create 400 Percent More Water Flow Than A Standard Nozzle
  • The Nozzle Is Fully Adjustable To Create Many Different Water Spray Patterns, From Strong Stream To A Gentle Fan
  • Easily Blast The Dirt Off Any Vehicle In Seconds With The Power And Durable Ultimate Fire Hose
  • The Durable Rubber Grip Allows For Complete Control Of The Water Stream And Protects Your Car From Scratches If Accidental Contact Occurs
  • Rinse Your Car With A Gentle Fan Of Water
  • Save Water With A Simple Twist Of The Wrist