Chemical Guys Detailing Scrub Brush - ACC_202

Chemical Guys Detailing Scrub Brush - ACC_202

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The professional-grade Induro Brush breaks up stains and releases dirt stuck inside tangled fibers to clean intense filth, grime, and stains from car interiors and fabrics around the home. One stroke with the Induro Brush is equivalent to a dozen passes of cheaper brushes to deliver a faster, deeper clean.

Type: Interior
Bristle Color: Blue
Bristle Material: Nylon


  • Has A Rugged Rubberized Handle, Durable PVC Brush Body, And Versatile Nylon Scrubbing Bristles
  • Works With Any Carpet Cleaner, Fabric Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner, Or Heavy Duty Degreaser To Clean All Messes And Filth
  • The Forward-Raked Bristles, Spade-Shaped Contour, And Easy-Grip Brush Handle Give This Brush Immense Leverage
  • Have Enough Grunt To Agitate Dirt And Grime From Deep Within Carpets, Fabrics, And Floor Mats, But Give Enough To Gently Clean Leather, Vinyl, And Other Upholstery Materials
  • Synthetic Materials Resist Chemicals, Cleaners, And Staining, So Your Brush Lasts
  • Gently Scrub Without Damaging